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Allied Specialty Resources, LLC

Today, companies are finding it extremely challenging to locate the specialized craft resources needed for large projects and sometimes day to day maintenance. Many customers are looking to fill positions in critical areas and are struggling to find the right people. This is where Allied Specialty Resources, LLC provides SOLUTIONS to our customers throughout the United States. We have a network of qualified resources that we can pull from to help fill our customers demands in a timely manner.


Allied Technical Resources, Inc. has partnered with GenMover to bring a reliable and efficient generator alignment process to our customers. With GenMover's innovative, patented and proven alignment method, they have consistently taken days off of the standard alignment process and added unprecedented safety.


Uncompromised Alignments


  • The patented MUSE generator moving system provides strength and mobility for the generators.
  • The Coupling Position Monitor allows to accurately reposition a generator vertically and horizontally, multiple times, without additional coupling readings.
  • The generator can be adjusted as little as .001" at a time with controlled precision.
  • A perfect alignment every time. 


Uncompromised Efficiency


  • Perform multiple lifts and maneuvers of the generator within minutes.
  • This powerful tool reduces alignment times from days to hours.
  • Two million pound lift and move capability.
  • Generator can be positioned in as little as one hour. 
  • GenMover takes the guesswork out of alignment duration.



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